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What MUST Your Warehouse Space Have?

Posted by The Ruthvens on February 15, 2019

With e-commerce being expected to grow an annual average rate of 10% across the next five years, renting warehouse space is also expected to grow. Renting a warehouse is great for growing businesses who are looking for an easy way to manage and ship inventory. But if you’re considering leasing a warehouse, you should know what to look for. So let’s talk about a few important things industrial warehouse spaces should have.

A photo of warehouse interior - what your warehouse must have

Divided space

A big benefit of using warehouse space is being able to have different levels of operations going on in the same area. Because of this, you should look for a warehouse that either has divided spaces or has the potential to be divided up. Having separate areas for inventory management, shipping and receiving, and customer relations can help make operations go much smoother. It also allows you to change the warehouse layout as needed if your supply chain changes.

Safety aspects

Safety should always be a main concern in warehouse spaces. You should always look for proper clear heights, sufficient labels and safety warnings, and other safety elements like guard rails and anti-slip tape. Additionally, if your company uses any potentially dangerous objects like chemicals, it’s important to have a separate area for those. The warehouse should be in good condition with minimal repairs being necessary. If you look around the warehouse and see a lot of safety concerns, it’s best to move on to another.

Energy efficiency

Warehouses use a lot of energy. Aside from taxes and rent, utilities are going to be one of the biggest expenses for those renting warehouse space. This is why it’s important to choose a location that has energy efficient features, or at least one that can be equipped with energy efficient features. Lighting, HVAC systems, and water should all be made as efficient as possible so you can cut down on utility expenses as much as possible.

A good warehouse space is important to allow a business to grow. From divided space to safety aspects, there is a lot to look for in potential locations. So keep these considerations in mind and you’ll find the perfect warehouse for your company operations.

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