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Safety Rules: Common Sense Tips for Commercial Leases

Posted by The Ruthvens on February 19, 2019

If you are in a business situation where you are going to be looking at renting a warehouse, you are not alone. In fact, the amount of warehouse space available for use has skyrocketed by 86.2% since the year 2000. With that in mind, here are eight important, common sense safety rules and procedures for commercial leases and warehouse properties.

safety first Road Warning Sign representing safety rules.

Common Sense Safety Rules

  • Hazardous Materials

Label all hazardous materials and keep them in a section that is clearly a hazardous area, such as a hazardous materials storage locker or closet. For example, paints, solvents, and cleaning fluids are some hazardous materials.

  • Safety Equipment

Make sure safety equipment is in use at all times by all employees and visitors to your commercial leases. For instance, these items include goggles, headgear, helmets with lights, gloves, protective earphones, appropriate footwear, and hi-vis clothing, among other OSHA required items.

  • Hazardous Areas

Label the hazardous areas, visibly and clearly. Furthermore, warn workers and visitors of safety rules and potential hazards such as falling debris, welding sparks, and forklift traffic.

  • Lifting Techniques

Follow precisely all lifting techniques. This includes use of a forklift for transporting freight and materials. Likewise, train all employees and workers in how to lift properly to avoid injuries, as part of their safety rules.

  • Safety Signage

Post visible safety signage and reminders all throughout your warehouse. For example, signs should be big, bold, bright, and attention-getting. Make sure to change them frequently to be sure they are noticed by everyone throughout the warehouse.

  • Parking Area

It is critical to be sure that the parking area is always clear of debris. Security cameras are crucial. Also, the parking area must be well-lit, and the surface must be even to prevent falls. In addition, remove ice and snow in inclement weather to prevent falls.

  • Security

Lock your commercial warehouse area, have a good security presence, and keep it well lit. Also, be sure to find a location for your commercial leases that has 24-hour lighting and camera monitoring. For example, the location of your warehouse rental is extremely important, especially if you think you will need to access the units frequently.

  • Storage Materials

Follow all regulations for storage materials. For instance, check temperature control, ventilation, and all room condition requirements thoroughly. Make sure all regulations for storage materials are frequently monitored for compliance with requirements.

  • Training

Training sessions for safety and procedures should be required of all employees in your commercial leases. Finally, refresher courses should also be required for all employees working in all industrial rental warehouses.

Renting warehouse space and finding commercial leases for your business ventures should not be a problem, considering all the commercial real estate that is available. Above all, safety is important. Certainly by following these eight common sense safety rules should help you feel certain that you have made a good faith effort to establish a workplace that is safe for all your employees and visitors.

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