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Meet Our Tenants: Who is Stryker?

Posted by The Ruthvens on September 10, 2014

Ever since this family-owned operation took shape over 50 years ago, the importance of establishing positive tenant relationships has remained a primary business principle. The relationships we build with our tenants are just as important as the structural warehouses we build.

The Ruthvens take great pride in the reputation that the Lakeland community and Central Florida businesses have come to expect, but we are also proud of the people that we serve – our tenants.

Exactly what goes on inside The Ruthvens warehouse walls?

What kinds of products are stored, manufactured, and distributed in the Lakeland facilities?

How many of The Ruthvens building tenants notable big brand companies?

In order to put those uncertainties to rest, a proper introduction must be made. The first company to take the spotlight in the new “Meet Our Tenants” blog post series is Stryker.

An orthopedic surgeon – Dr. Homer Stryker, founded Stryker in 1941. After conducting innovative research and development in his Michigan basement, Dr. Stryker began inventing, and eventually manufacturing, medical products to meet his patients’ needs. Since then, the company has become a global leader in innovation, research and development, and production of medical technology. They have achieved tremendous growth and well-deserved success, including the addition of the Stryker Sustainability Solutions division in 2010.

The primary mission of the Stryker corporation is plain and simple – to make healthcare better. As a result of this customer-driven vision to improve the lives of patients, the sustainability solutions branch was born, thus making it possible for medical equipment to be reprocessed and remanufactured.


This innovative approach to safely and securely handling previously used medical devices minimizes both materials waste and supply chain costs. In turn, hospitals and patients reap the benefits of Stryker’s socially responsible commitment to sustainability, quality, integrity, and results.

UntitledEven though Stryker products and services are available in over 100 countries around the world, and in over 1,900 of the top-rated hospitals in the United States, there are only 2 Sustainable Solutions facilities, one of which is located right here in Lakeland, Florida. Stryker uses their Ruthvens warehouse building for distribution purposes and employs over 800 employees at the Lakeland location.

For the past four years, Stryker has been named by Fortune as one of the top 100 “Best Companies to Work For”, and as of this year, they were also recognized by Fortune as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies”. Stryker is a long-withstanding company that has achieved greatness by way of doing good. And for that, we are grateful to they are Ruthvens tenants.

Stryker Video – Smarter Healthcare for Tomorrow

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