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Four Simple Tips to Help You Improve Warehouse Operation Efficiency

Posted by The Ruthvens on January 23, 2017

The amount of occupied warehousing and distribution space have increased by approximately 86.2% since 2000. If you’re one of the many people managing commercial warehousing, you’re probably aware of just how many small issues can crop up and throw a wrench in the whole operation.

To help you nimbly avoid those wrenches and create a more efficient workplace, here are a few simple steps you should be taking as a warehouse manager.

Maximize and Optimize Space

Renting a warehouse means you’re responsible for a large amount of space. It also means that you need to always use that space to your advantage. When determining warehouse space needs, consider taking advantage of all of that unused vertical space in your commercial real estate. Tall storage units and specialized equipment can be a great investment if you’re trying to make the most out of every inch of space in a warehouse.

Invest in Organization

There are few things more important than an organized workplace. The better your system, the more efficient your workplace will become. If your warehouse isn’t held to a certain organizational standard, things are bound to get out of hand. A helpful tip is to use electronic organization rather than paper organization. Everything will be organized and easy to find without the clutter of physical papers.

Quality Control is Key

One of the best things you can do to avoid backups and other production issues is to implement a high standard of quality for the items you’re producing and shipping out. A team dedicated solely to quality control will help you avoid large quantities of defective products.

Safety First

Above all else, make sure you’re employing the proper safety standards for all of your employees. Leasing a warehouse and operating it means you’re responsible for the safety of those people you employ. In addition, make sure not to forget that you need to make sure appropriate safety training is provided for every employee.

Being in charge of warehousing and distribution space is a big responsibility, but these tips should help you maintain an organized, efficient workplace.

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